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Professional info​

I am a technical writer who is accustomed to communicating with audiences from diverse backgrounds. I'm also a versatile, professional communicator with organizing, teaching, and managing experience ranging from individual projects to full scale group projects.


I have the ability to oversee and manage hundreds of individuals while ensuring timely completion of project deadlines all while remaining calm and on or under budget.


In addition, I've been lucky to be a part of several great teams spanning biological and chemical research for my undergraduate university; Internet and Intranet management along with website design and development for another university; public outreach and consumer packaging for several nonprofits; and assessment preparation and evaluation in my current position.  

Work Experience










Public School System. Little Rock, Arkansas
Professional Communication Teacher
English Language Arts Teacher. Language Arts Department.

August 2018 – Present


  • Dance Team Coach

  • Senior Class Advisor

  • Teach writing and reading

  • Developed daily lesson plans to include instructional aides

  • Provide feedback to students

  • Participate in school-wide retention initiatives

  • Motivate students to actively participate in all aspects of the educational process

  • Maintain and report student grades and attendance in accordance with school policies

  • Participate in daily department curriculum meetings

Philander Smith College. Little Rock, Arkansas
Department Chair of Literacy Skills. Division of General Education.

October 2017 – May 2018


  • Recruited, interviewed, and recommended faculty and students for hire

  • Branded the Department

  • Coordinated biweekly department meetings and workshops

  • Hosted training sessions for literacy faculty to ensure proper skills alignment and teaching procedures

  • Planned course schedules to offer for each semester

  • Developed and submit biweekly, semester, and school year reports

  • Assist with formulating campus-wide retention and strategic plans

  • Advise students on course selections

  • Actively participated in campus and community affairs

Interim Chair. Division of General Education.

May 2014 – October 2017


  • Continued serving as Writing Coordinator for the Academic Success Center:

    • Used technical writing skills to compose communication college-wide and externally

    • Proofread internal communication to meet approval of the college’s president

    • Maintained correspondence with family of freshmen and sophomore students

    • Developed and submitted monthly, quarterly, and annual reports

    • Formulated campus-wide retention plan and strategic plans

    • Provided content for and manage the Intranet page

  • Supported the mission of the college by co-creating and promoting the General Education Division:

    • Planned and directed marketing and promotional campaigns

    • Distributed invitations to feeder high schools

    • Active participant in campus and community affairs

    • Worked together with the Vice President of Academic Affairs to coordinate appropriate course offerings

    • Organized community outreach activities and workshops

  • Operated as the supervisor for faculty in the Division of General Education:

    • Supervised daily activities of six faculty and twelve tutors and facilitate meetings

    • Approved writing and reading curriculums

    • Delegated special projects among division faculty

    • Disseminated written material internally

  • Planned and oversaw goals, objectives, and learning outcomes

  • Recruited, interviewed, and made recommendations for hire

  • Collaborated with the assessment team to plan and create assessment content appropriate for testing of foundational skills to meet state requirement

  • Conducted and analyze course and Division assessments

  • Prepared for internal and external program reviews and accreditation visits

  • Made policy recommendations relative to the instructional programs of the college

  • Researched and evaluated the curricula, teaching procedures, and other materials


Writing Coordinator. Academic Success Center.

October 2013 – October 2017

  • Served as one of the primary investigators and project directors of student retention 

  • Assisted with invitations to feeder high schools

  • Maintained correspondence with family of writing students

  • Managed, coordinated, and evaluated Academic Success Center programs and activities

  • Served as key personnel for the Early Alert System and academic programs

  • Provided support as needed for academic advising, student retention, and peer tutoring

  • Developed and submitted biweekly, semester, and school year reports

  • Provided stakeholders with information regarding student retention

  • Performed needs assessments, planning, data gathering, and collection and analysis of data in order to make continual improvements in retention and remedial programs

Instructor of English. Division of General Education.

July 2011 – May 2018


  • Transformed the English classes to create a solid writing foundation

  • Taught Developmental English, Composition I & II, Communications:

    • Teach writing skills to approximately 80 percent of the freshman class

    • Teach material from approved curriculum

    • Develop daily lesson plans to include instructional aids

    • Assists students in achieving completion of objectives 

    • Provide regular and timely feedback to students

  • Participated in school retention initiatives by maintaining productive contact with students and by getting in touch with and offering assistance to absent students

  • Advised students in matters related to academics, attendance, and behaviors

  • Motivated students to actively participate in all aspect of the educational process

  • Maintained and report student grades and attendance in accordance with company policies

  • Completed professional development and in-service activities according to college standards

  • Participated in department curriculum meetings


UA Little Rock. Little Rock, Arkansas
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor. Teacher Education Department.
January 2011 – July 2011


  • Advised 100 percent of the students in the Teacher Education Department

  • Created and disseminated brochures and other advertising material

  • Provided content for both the Internet and Intranet pages:

    • Ensured posted web content was up-to-date


Instructor of English. Graduate Assistantship.
August 2008 – May 2011


  • Taught English students how to do electronic writing portfolios

  • Taught Composition I and II:

    • Taught structure and conventions of writing

    • Taught from an approved curriculum

    • Developed lesson plans

    • Advised and motivated students

Martindale Law Firm. Little Rock, Arkansas
Legal Assistant. Writing Department.

April 1999 – August 2008

  • Successfully devised numerous business and operational strategies for developing key accounts:

    • Distributed completed inventories to appropriate accounts

    • Proactively managed relationships with clients

    • Set appointments, scheduled court dates, drafted and edited legal documents

    • Organized workflow and established priorities in a timely manner

Other Experience
CR Sports, LLC
Communications Director. Sports Apparel 
January 2019 – Current

  • Develop, design, and maintain the league’s website

  • Communicate with cheer and dance teams about uniform orders

Philander Smith College. Little Rock, Arkansas
Coach of Cheer and Dance. Division of Athletics.
July 2012 – May 2018


  • Continuously developed, marketed, and implemented the program to increase retention:

    • Oversaw assistant coaches, team managers, and team members

    • Created calendars, posters, and signs

    • Organized camps and dance competitions

    • Created and organized contracts and scholarships

    • Was responsible for choreography, fundraisers, and sponsorships

Arkansas Athletic Amateur Union Football League. The State of Arkansas
Communications Director. Nonprofit.
October 2012 – Current


  • Increase the number of teams that join the Arkansas AAU Football League

  • Develop, design, and maintain the league’s website

  • Develop, monitor, and oversee the dissemination of letters, sponsorship packages, fliers, reports, spreadsheets, press releases, email accounts, and email communications

  • Prepare grant proposals and sponsorship packages

  • Prepare press releases and setup television, radio, and newspaper interviews

  • Participate in community affairs

  • Organize special fundraising events with pro-athletes and celebrity participation

University of Arkansas. Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
Biochemistry Research Assistant. Student Fellowship.
June 2005 – December 2007


  • Led seminar on Super Oxide Ions--the pros and cons of their use in different medications

  • Researched the reactivity of certain compounds toward super oxide ion using the NBT assay
    • Gel electrophoresis, enzyme activity assay, and solution and growth media preparation
    • Plotted and analyzed data

    • Gathered and processed data for 50+ studies

    • Directed and led a team of 12 undergraduate students

    • Prepared a variety of chemicals, solutions, and reagents

  • Collaborated with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' animal and cell experiments

    • Researched medicines to protect people from radiation


Biological Science Research Technician. Student Fellowship.
July 1991 – July 1994


  • Performed successful differentiation and characterization experiments utilizing various growth factors, cytokines, and chemicals:

    • Differentiation experiments included myogenic, chondrogenic, adipogenic, osteogenic, and neurogenic

  • Investigated bacterial growth for over 300 products

  • Prepared chemical solutions and materials
  • Handled cell culture, DNA isolation, and tissue sampling


Doctor of Education - Student. 
Jackson State University
Currently studying
Executive PhD
Urban Higher Education Administration 
This program prepares students to assume senior leadership roles in post-secondary institutions and other organizations whose primary endeavors relate to or impact the operations of institutions of higher learning. The program will engage participants in the analysis of different facets of operations and management of post-secondary institutions and in the development of solutions to potential or existing challenges facing urban and metropolitan institutions. 
Master of Arts. Professional and Technical Writing.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas

3.83 GPA



Technical Communication

Writing on the Web

Nonfiction Writing


  • Graduated top 10% of post baccalaureate students

  • Inducted into the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is by invitation and requires nomination and approval by a chapter. It is the nation’s oldest, largest and most selective all-discipline honor society. 

  • Graduate Instructor in various areas of Technical Writing 

  • Graduate Thesis titled "Real Wounds: Navigating Women Past Domestic Abuse and Bitterness"

  • Developed website for women victims of domestic abuse and violence as part of Graduate Thesis

Bachelor of Science. Biology.

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

3.03 GPA



Scientific Research and Writing


  • Choreographer/Cheerleader. Arkansas Glacier Cats Semi-Professional Hockey Team

  • Captain/Cheerleader. Arkansas Sirens Arena Football Team

  • Initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

  • Initiated into Tau Beta Sigma Honorary Band Sorority, Incorporated

  • 4-year member. Golden Girls Dance Team

  • Captain and choreographer of Golden Girls dance team for 2 years

  • Coordinated and choreographed Little Rock School District Dance Team tryouts, working with over 100 local middle school students each year for 3 years 

  • Graduated with Honors in Science. Minored in Chemistry

  • Laboratory Science Student Tech

  • Biochemistry Laboratory Research Student Tech